Holiday Challenge 2018

  • $6,101


  • $15,000


About this Cause

Glendale Arts believes the Arts Matter. It's behind everything we do from powering the Alex Theatre, working to make sure the arts are accessible to everyone that wants to participate, creating opportunities for artists and community to come together. Most of us are moved by the power of the arts. Whether we are aware of it or not, it's the arts, such as a song, or a play, poem or painting, that makes us human. The arts reside in all of us - they help us overcome challenges, conquer fears, and improve lives. They are a bridge between a diverse population and bring us together as a community. When you support Glendale Arts, you foster creativity, engage minds, and integrate the arts into the community's identity. When you make a donation to Glendale Arts, you become a champion for the Alex Theatre, a defender of advancing our community's well-being through arts and culture, and a believer that the Arts Matter! Please make your donation today (or by December 31st), and join the Arts Matter campaign before the end of the year.

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