COVID-19 Emergency Relief

About COVID-19 Emergency Relief

There are many theatre management organizations, but only one that puts Glendale first. Since 2008, our sole purpose has been to build a strong and healthy community through arts and entertainment. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alex Theatre has had to cancel all events through April 30th. On face value this may not sound devastating, but I can tell you it is. The cancellation of events has created a tremendous financial burden for Glendale Arts with a projected loss of $450,000. In challenging times, the arts provide us with truth, solace, joy, and hope. It’s different this time because people aren’t allowed to gather. The very thing that could help us will actually hurt us. Please make a one-time or monthly donation today. Your action is needed now to provide instant relief for the Alex Theatre. Your gift will help Glendale Arts remain a resilient voice for hope, healing, and wellness now and in the community’s recovery.